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January 16, 2017

Tax Season is almost here! Here is your step by step new and improved process on how to get your tax organizers, how to upload your tax documents ( so you don't have to email or mail them to us) as well as how to upload signature pages and retrieve your tax returns anytime and anywhere where Internet is.


Please see below a link on how to log in and retrieve your tax organizers. As you can see, your tax returns from previous year is stored there as well. You have access to them 24/7.


When you log in to client log in - you need to have your log in information. Please email us or call the office if you did not register your portal or forgot your log in. You can change password to your portal on your own as we don't know it. For security reasons, your password will expire every 90 days.


How to use file exchange folder:


As you will see on the left side of your portal, there will be your business and individual tax returns. There is also another folder, called File Exchange. This is  where you upload your tax documents by selecting source documents folder, upload. If you have QB ( QuickBooks file) please upload a portable version of it to the Quickbooks Folder.


We will retrieve your tax documents and safely copy them to our file cabinet.


Once your tax return is complete, you will be receiving notification from our administrative person regarding action required items and tax returns. Simply log in to the portal, and you will see under your business and personal folders your new tax returns available to you for your review.


Once you review your tax return  with or without our help (by the way, feel free to schedule  a video appointment to review your tax returns with us, or in person), please print action required folder items, sign signature pages and mail payments  to tax agencies( if applicable).


Please upload your signed signature pages via file exchange folder to the action required file under file exchange folder at this time. We always get notification when you upload your tax documents.


Once we retrieve your signature pages, we will e-file your tax returns and you will be receiving email notification from us when your tax returns are accepted by taxing agencies.


Our goal this year is to utilize technology more and more for your convenience, safety and efficiency. We use high end tax software products as we believe in high quality of service.


As always, we greatly appreciate your business and looking forward to share this exciting new tax season with you. :)



Colorado Business CPA, LLC


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