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Strategic CFO Package

Offering a robust line of products to meet your personal and business needs

Where are you going?

I already have a $3M business, how do I go up from here?

What other opportunities do I have to maximize my profits?

I am thinking of retiring in the next 5 years, what do I do with my business?

How do I get my associate's to “buy-in” to the vision of my business

Can I open a second location? How can I expand?

Ideal for business with $3m - $8M in revenue

  • A strategic road map for your enterprise
  • Financial assessment of pricing, products & COGS
  • Cash management
  • Improvement of company efficiencies
  • Team engagement
  • Risk assessments
  • Exit strategies & wealth protection
  • Monthly reviews and leadership calls

**A monthly all-inclusive package starting at $3,500. No more hourly rates that you cannot control.


Strategic Planning & Review

  • Building a roadmap to an $8MILLON enterprise
  • SWOT & Competitor Analysis with our leadership experts
  • Overall business review with specific strategies and step by step checklists to help grow your business to the next breakpoint
  • Tax strategies & saving opportunities

Financial Assessment & Profit Maximization

  • Review of financial reports prepared by your internal accounting team
  • Evaluation of pricing strategies per product & its COGS
  • Assessment & creation of KPIs for your business and industry specific
  • Categorizing expenses to meet compliances

Cash Management & Risk Assessments

  • Accounts Receivables review and collection procedures
  • Accounts Payable policies and assessments
  • Monthly budgeting and forecasting guidance
  • Debt management
  • Internal controls & audits

Growth & Efficiencies

  • People, Product & Process – maximizing success
  • Best practices for hiring & team member retention
  • Associate accountability tools & incentive plans or bonus structures
  • General business consulting
  • Weekly Zoom Q&A meetings with all monthly clients
  • Monthly one-on-one meetings with business owners & our leadership team
  • Access to 12 modules of building financial wealth
The Wealthy Intentional Entrepreneur eBook


The Wealthy Intentional Entrepreneur

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