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Visionary CEO Package

Offering a robust line of products to meet your personal and business needs

Who wants to be the next billionaire?

Things are getting complex, help!

There is a disconnect between departments, how do I bring our company vision back to the forefront?

I need systems put in place, where do I start?

How do I find the right people to fill the needed leadership roles?

Ideal for business with $8m - $25M in revenue

  • We become your partner, a member of your team!
  • Providing Step by step processes to take your business from Millions to Billions
  • Dedicated experts to guide through any obstacle
  • Weekly reviews & leadership calls

**A monthly all-inclusive package starting at $10,000. No more hourly rates that you cannot control.


Team Member & Partner

  • A dedicated team of experts that provide the tools, resources and guidance as your enterprise embarks on the billionaire journey!
  • Operations Marketing & Sales
  • Financial Planning & Booking Keeping
  • Payroll & Human Resources


  • Your dedicated team will work side by side with you on creating a vision for future of your business
  • Strategizing a step by step blueprint for your businesses individual needs to be implemented with a continued 30-60-90 plan
  • Creating systems that will grow your team both professionally and personally


  • Weekly one-on-one meetings with business owners, your leadership team and our dedicated experts
  • Developing the accountability of each of your department heads and leaders to promote consistent progress and growth
  • Providing discipline & results


  • Dedicated team of business consultants for any obstacles you may run into
  • Weekly Zoom Q&A meetings with all monthly clients
  • Access to 12 modules of building financial wealth available to entire team
  • Inspiring your leaders to build impactful decisions
The Wealthy Intentional Entrepreneur eBook


The Wealthy Intentional Entrepreneur

How to build financial wealth one step at a time

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